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Identity And Access Management Free Assignment Sample

Question: Discuss about theIdentity and Access Management. Answer: Introduction: Healthscope Company is a large healthcare organization with 17,000 employees those play different roles in this organization. The main department of this Healthscope Company is IT Security Information Assurance (ISIA). The major responsibilities of this department are is to design, plan and create security infrastructure. ISIA department of Healthscope Company is run by Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Besides this, other departments such as security and privacy department, business, information security department and others are controlled by other four major security officers. These officers also control malware and botnets regarding issues of security. As we have discussed above that workforce of this company has become mobile and dispersed, so now IAM i.e. Identity and Access Management has become more important to ensure organizational security and senior management of Healthscope Company is very much concerned about this. Now in this report we will concentrate on Ide ntity and Access Management thoroughly and focus on its various essential concepts. Analysis Now in this segment of report we will discuss in detail about IAM i.e. Identity and Access Management. Description of Identity and Access Management (IAM) An identity and access management system is a framework for business processes and management who relates to electronic identities are facilitated by this system. The main purpose to use IAM is to initiate, capture, record and manage identity of users. Besides this, access permissions of users are also handled by IAM and access of information is only provided to authorize users. IAM system must be controlled by business organizations thoroughly because poor control of IAM may lead to regulatory non-compliance. This will happen due to auditing of organization and management will not be able to prove that company data is secured, not at risk and will not be misused. In this way IAM works. IAM is considered to be important for business organizations because lack of effective identity and access management may raise significant risk factors for overall security of organization. Improper management of issues may increase the risk of damage for both internal and external threats. That is w hy Healthscope Australia Company is also careful about Identity and Access Management. The implementation of IAM should include various essential factors that will be helpful for initiation, recording, capturing and management of user identities. These essential factors consists of centralized directory service that can measure growth of company. (Ltd., 2016) Development and Trends of Identity and Access Management Now in this segment of report we will discuss about development and trends of identity and access management. Before start implementation of Identity and Access Management, it will be better to know about development and trends of IAM. For developing Identity and Access Management there is requirement to use IAM developing toolkit which consists of various essential thing that are listed as below: For starting Identity and Access Management there is requirement to use a structure. Identification of policy framework is required to consider for organization. Policy template should also be developed for Identity and Access Management. Guidance and awareness about Identity and Access Management is also necessary. Proper identification of IAM policies and programs those are required for use cases. All strength factors should also be included that are necessary for IAM programs. These above listed factors should be included in development of Identity and Access Management. Now in next segment of this report, we will discuss about trends of IAM programs that are required to consider by Healthscope Australian Company while implementation of this system. (, 2016) IAM works as guard for systems who takes care of system from unauthorized access, applications and data. It is not wrong to say that Identity and Access Management is line of defense to protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Now technology trends are evolving and it has become necessary to make changes in security parameters accordingly. Due to development of advanced technologies, remote access of data has become increased. In this case, those devices and network connections are required those can provide help to access remote data securely. Identity and Access Management System also need to make improvements accordingly. Laptops, PDAs and other secure and authenticated mobile devices will continue to drive the market in future, so this trend must be followed by IAM system. In this cloud based and mobile world, traditional identity and access solutions can no longer keep up. So the main trend setting in IAM should be according to cloud technologies and other ne w technologies. According to analysis, we got to know that Identity and Access Management has set its trends for future those are listed as below: Cyber security will become conviction equally for government and businesses. This trend is set by IAM to increase database and information security both at private and government level. In future solutions of cloud access management will touch the development point and due to this other essential thing to achieve is capabilities of deep provisioning on cloud platform. Next trend set up is to set on-premise IDM systems and cloud platform. On-premises provides various processes those are related IT and strategic in nature and these processes have become integral part of IT environments in organizations. On other side, cloud has already become popular among organizations for its flexible and reliable services. Now both on-premises and cloud will continue to evolve and co-exists. Today use of cloud based applications and cloud server is increasing and organizations have become so much conscious about access management and weak links, this is important to maintain sensitivity of information. Identity and Access Management is using PAM to achieve this level of security. IAM is also managing identity by using secure management ways and due to this access governance will be enhanced. Besides this, other trend setting of IAM is to maintain business agile and this can be possible by adding more layers into IT infrastructure. These are some essential trends of Identity and Access Management. Healthscope Australia Company must also work according to these trends of IAM to get advanced level of security. Recommended and Recent IAM Technologies There are various IAM technologies and tools available that can be used in organizations. Here in this segment of report, we will discuss about IAM technologies and tools those are listed as below: SailPoint RSA IBM Oracle Courion SailPoint It is identity developer and access of government technology is also implemented by this. Best access management and identity solutions are provided by SailPoing IAM Systems. This module of Sailpoint consists of compliance manager, lifecycle manager and user provisioning. RSA RSA is a security division of EMC. Through this, identity management of RAS and goverence is offered. The various modules of RSA consists of management of certificates and data access request goverence. IBM The identity governance of identity and administration of IBM is a suite which is able to combine identity manager of security and its goverence system. The major modules of IBMs IAM system consists of access management, identity management and regulatory management. (Management, 2015) Oracle This is also an essential technology that is used in IAM and this is particularly suited for large organizations. Analytics for addressing account management and identity intelligence are managed by IAM system of Oracle. Courion In IAM Arena, Courion Access Suite is considered as a consistent performer. In this suite various modules are included and each module have different licenses and each function is performed separately. The main modules of Courion are compliance management, management of request of access and manual management of password. Benefits of IAM Technologies The above discussed IAM technologies are beneficial for users in following ways: Better information security and confidentiality can be maintained. These technologies are specially made to fulfill the purpose of identity and access management. Every technology is useful and is able to provide best outcomes for maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. These technologies are not expensive and easy to use by users. Security experts highly recommend these technologies. (com, 2016) These are some essential tools and technologies that can be used identity and access management. By using these solutions, information security can be maintained appropriately. Identity and Access Management system are getting advanced and improved and in future they will help to maintain security for long time in business and healthcare organizations. Conclusion After this whole discussion we can say that Identity and Access Management is not so easy to maintain, but by implementing above discussed solutions, this thing can be possible. In this report, we have discussed thoroughly about Identity and Access Management, its development and trends and its technologies. Now management of HealthScope Australian Company must consider these trends and technologies of IAM for enhancing security of information into organization. As we know that today cloud services and mobile services are used so much by users. In this case, it is responsibility of developers to be careful about authorization of information access from hackers and other unauthorized users. The purpose of this report is to provide knowledge of IAM and its technologies to CISO of Healthscope Australian Company, so that they can understand this concept thoroughly. (SearchSecurity, 2016). This is all about IAM system and Healthscope Australian Company must follow above discussed all esse ntial concepts properly. References (2016). Top 5 Identity Access Management Tools. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2016]. Management, I. (2015). IAM Tech Trends to watch out for in 2016 - Identity Access Management. [online] Identity Access Management. Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2016]. (2016). What Is IAM? - AWS Identity and Access Management. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2016]. SearchSecurity. (2016). Trends in enterprise identity and access management. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2016]. Ltd., B. (2016). Identity and access management. [online] Bloor. Available at: [Accessed 3 Sep. 2016].

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